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The Crown Inn

If you are interested in antiques and collectables, such as, but not limited to, china, porcelain, jewellery, magazines etc, then come and join us.

We hold meetings for discussion and visit Fairs, Stately Homes and auction houses.

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Reports on past meetings -

Hawley Antiques Auction - July 2017 (report by Peter Auders. )

Visit to Thompsons Auctioneers, Harrogate - April 2017 (report by Peter Auders. )

Antique and Collectors Fair - January 2017 (report by Peter Auders)

Christmas Meet and Eat - December 2016 (report by Peter Auders)

Auction review and Items of Interest - November 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

Group Showcase - October 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

Antiques and Interiors Auction - October 2016 (report by Lynda McCraight)

Items of interest - September 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

Antiques Roadshow visit - July 2016 (report by Stewart Cram)

Brodsworth Hall Visit - June 2016 (report by Lizzie Cooper)

Items of interest - May 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

Lotherton Hall - Museum and exhibition tour - April 2016 (report by Stuart Cram)

Wetherby Antique Fair visit - March 2016 (report by Stewart Cram)

Gold and silver pieces - February 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

Bring a piece of China! - January 2016 (report by Peter Auders. )

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