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Do you -
  • want to walk in superb landscapes with a group of friends?
  • like to accept a challenge?
  • want to improve your fitness levels?
If so -
  • Our Challenge Walking Group is the group for you.
  • We walk during the second and fourth week of each month.
  • The distance is 10+miles, almost certainly including at least one hill and sometimes difficult terrain.
  • We either car-share or travel by public transport.
  • Most importantly we enjoy ourselves, even if the going gets tough.
If you are interested please contact a group leader.

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Forthcoming Events -

Saturday, 29 September 2018 - Maureen D's walk, Bakewell, 10.5m 8.30am - Wye Valley, west of Bakewell

10.5 miles ascent 2000ft approx time 6 hours
A demanding but rewarding outing that takes in the high ground on both sides of the Wye Valley West of Bakewell.

Our route climbs steadily out of Bakewell through hillside pastures and along quiet lanes. It has a difficult descent through woodland which may benefit from the use of poles, and includes various levels of undulation leading to a steep climb to a high level above Monsal Dale. The hard work rewards us with fabulous, expansive views of the Dale. The walk then takes us up to Monsal Head where we then pass through villages on our way back to Bakewell.

Meet at Eversley to leave at 08:30. Start walking at 10 am
We have toilets at the start (need 20 p)
Mileage, 134 total, £26.80 per car.
Car park Bakewell Bridge (left turn when entering Bakewell) cost £5 for full day

Please let Maureen Know if you are meeting us at the start in Bakewell.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 - David and Barbara's walk, Aysgarth Falls, 10m 8.15am - Aysgarth Falls

A 10 mile walk with 1500 feet of ascent. Listed as moderate from Walking Britain.

This walk visits a superb series of waterfalls on the River Ure, and continues to Penhill which offers good views across the Dale. We return via West Burton with its own waterfall and pub should that be required.
> Meet at Eversley to leave at 08.15. Start walking at 10.00.
> Park at The National Park Centre, £4.50, Free toilets
> Mileage 124, £24.80 per car.


October 2018 - Jim and Pat's walk -

w/c 22/10 details later

Friday, 26 October 2018 - Meeting 10.00am - crown monk fryston

Planning for 2019.
New coordinator will start

October 2018 - Superchallenge Carol nardells walk -

W/c 29/10 details later

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 - Angela Kell's walk -

tues 13/11 details later

Monday, 26 November 2018 - Tom and Mikes walk - Wk commencing Nov 26th

Thursday, 13 December 2018 - Xmas meal and walk Maggie and Karen -

As we head into the Autumn term, it's time to turn our thoughts to the festivities. Yes, we thought we had better get the Christmas lunch booked, so we have!

We are keeping it local, so some folks will be able to walk to the start and maybe stagger home. Parking is available for those arriving by car. The venue is Fields Cafe at the garden centre at the northern side of Sherburn. The meal is 2 courses and coffee/tea, with a choice of menus, including Christmas lunch, with veggie options. Cost £15 each. Other drinks will be available to purchase as by then Fields will have their alcohol licence.

Details of the walk to follow, but we have booked lunch for 1pm on Thursday 13th December.

Places are limited, so if you would like to come along, please email Maggy on First come first served. Full payment required by 30th November please.


Maggy and Karen

Tuesday, 1 January 2019 - New Group Coordinator and DEPUTY required -

You will all be aware That I am retiring from my role as group coordinator at the end of this year. You may also be aware that Angela is also retiring from her role as well.
We will both have done it for 3 years in December.
We therefore need 2 volunteers to take over .Please all have a think about it as without a coordinator there will be no group and no challenge walks.
Let me know if you are interested please.

Group Leader(s)

Author Photo
  • Lynn Dickie
  • Mail Address
  • 01757 268806
  • 07742 169869
Author Photo
  • Angela Kell
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 684022
  • 07425 153370

Reports on past walks -

Wendy and Bill's walk - September 2018 (report by Wendy Payne)

Margaret and Tony's walk, Kinder Scout, 11m - August 2018 (report by Tony And Pat)

Calderdale Way, Stage 5 by public transport - August 2018 (report by Jim Eldon)

Hawes walk 2Great Knoutberry Fell 672m Lynn - July 2018 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Hawes Trip - July 2018

Hawes walk 1 Wild Boar Fell Jim - July 2018

Maureen and Peter's walk - July 2018 (report by Peter Wood)

calderdale way stage 4 by public transport - July 2018 (report by Ann Mack)

Hazel and Marilyn's walk, Filey to Scarborough via the Cleveland Way - 10.2m - July 2018 (report by Hazel)

Margaret and Tony's Walk, Great Shunner Fell - June 2018 (report by Tony)

Wendy and Bill's walk - June 2018 (report by Wendy Payne)

Circular walk from Cod Beck reservoir. 11.5miles. Led by David & Barbara - June 2018 (report by David Campbell)

Calderdale way stage 2, Tony and Margaret's walk - May 2018 (report by Tony)

Roseberry Topping, Angela Kell's walk - May 2018 (report by Angela)

Challenge walk Ian and Judy - May 2018 (report by Ian Morris)

Maggie and Karens walk - April 2018 (report by Kaen Packham)

jervaux to middleham circular NEW DATE - April 2018 (report by Maureen D)

Eileen and Graham's walk - April 2018 (report by Eileen Mollard)

calderdale way stage 1 by public transport Jim and Pat - April 2018 (report by Jim And Pat)

Lynn Dickie's walk - March 2018 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Marian's walk - March 2018 (report by Marian)

Peter and Maureen's walk - February 2018 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

David and Barbara's walk superchallenge - January 2018 (report by David Campbell)

Jim and Pat's walk - January 2018 (report by Jim And Pat)

Xmas Walk and meal Maureen D and Angela - December 2017 (report by Maureen D)

Tom and Mikes walk, Yorkshire Wolds - November 2017 (report by Tom)

Jim and Pat's walk - November 2017 (report by Jim Eldon)

Superchallenge walk, Danby, 13 miles, Wednesday 1st November - November 2017 (report by Jim Eldon)

Challenge group meeting - October 2017 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Lynn Dickie's walk - October 2017 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Maureen Hewitt's walk - October 2017 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Maureen D walk - September 2017 (report by Maureen D)

Carol Nardells walk - September 2017 (report by Carol Nardell)

Tony and Margaret,s walk - August 2017 (report by Tony Kell)

Graham, Peter and Eileens walk - August 2017 (report by Eileen Mollard)

2 night trip away - July 2017 (report by David Campbell And Jim Eldon)

Kevin and Liz's walk - July 2017 (report by Liz Sibson)

Angela's walk, Whernside, 8 miles. - June 2017 (report by Angela)

Mary and Annes walk - June 2017 (report by Ann Mack)

Superchallenge Walk: Settle-Malham Circular, 14m. - June 2017 (report by Maureen D)

Wendy and Bill's walk - May 2017 (report by Bill Payne)

Pat and Jims walk - May 2017 (report by Jim Eldon)

Eileen and Peters walk - April 2017

Dina Dixons walk - April 2017 (report by Dina Dixon)

Angela Kell's walk - March 2017 (report by Angela )

Wendy and Bills walk - March 2017 (report by Bill)

David and Barbars walk - February 2017

Lynn Dickie's walk - February 2017 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Dina Dixons walk - January 2017 (report by Dina Dixon)

Wendy and Bill's walk - January 2017 (report by Bill Payne)

Challenge Group Meeting - January 2017 (report by Lynn Dickie)

White Rose Way 7 and Christmas Lunch, Maureen D Angela - December 2016 (report by Angela)

White Rose Way 6 Marion, Maureen H - November 2016 (report by Maureen)

White Rose Way,5 Mary and Anne - November 2016 (report by Anne Mack)

white rose 4 Judi and Ian - November 2016 (report by Ian Morris)

Lynn Dickies walk - October 2016 (report by Lynn Dickie)

White Rose 3 Jim and Pat - October 2016 (report by Jim And Pat)

White Rose way stage 2 David and Barbara - September 2016 (report by David Campbell)

White Rose way stage 1 Kev and Liz - September 2016 (report by Liz Sibson)

Jim and Pat's walk - August 2016 (report by Jim Eldon)

Ladybower, Derwent Edge - August 2016 (report by Angela Kell)

Ian and Judy's walk - July 2016 (report by Judi Morris)

David and Barbara's walk - July 2016 (report by David Campbell)

Wendy and Bill's walk - June 2016

Graham and Eileen's walk - June 2016

Dina Dixons walk - May 2016 (report by Dina Dixon)

Challenge group meeting - May 2016 (report by Angela Kell)

Marion's walk - May 2016 (report by Marion Peaker)

Lynn Dickie's walk - May 2016 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Maureen D and Angela's walk - April 2016 (report by Maureen D)

Kev Sibsons walk - April 2016

Ebor Way stage 6 - April 2016 (report by Jim Eldon)

Maureen Hewitt's walk - March 2016 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Barbara and Davids walk - March 2016 (report by David Campbell)

Wendy and Bills walk - February 2016 (report by Wendy Payne)

Jim and Pats walk - January 2016 (report by Jim And Pat)

ebor way stage 5 - January 2016 (report by Judi And Ian )

Challenge Group Planning Meeting - January 2016 (report by Lynn Dickie )

Ebor Way - Stage 4 Christmas Walk and Lunch - December 2015 (report by Marian Peaker)

Ebor Way - Stage 3 - November 2015 (report by Dinah Dixon)

Ebor way stage 2 - November 2015 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Ebor Way Stage 1 - October 2015 (report by Jim Eldon And Pat Davis)

Sutton Bank - October 2015 (report by Maureen Dransfield)

Hawnby - October 2015 (report by Angela Kell)

Nidderdale - September 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Super Challenge Walk-Mossdale Falls - September 2015 (report by Bill Payne)

Farndale - August 2015 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Garrowby Walk - August 2015 (report by Judi And Ian Morris)

Mosdale Falls - July 2015 (report by Bill Payne)

Nidderdale - July 2015 (report by Barbara Campbell)

Super Challenge Walk - June 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Dodd Fell - June 2015 (report by Marian Peaker)

Buckden Pike - June 2015 (report by Marian Peaker)

Report on Challenge Group meeting - May 2015 (report by Mary Till)

Calderdale Way Stage 5 - May 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Calderdale Way Stage 4 - May 2015 (report by Bill And Wendy Payne)

Walks programme - April 2015 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Calderdale Way Part 2 - April 2015 (report by Ian Morris)

Super Challenge Walks - April 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Calderdale Way - March 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Ravenscar to Scarborough - March 2015 (report by Liz Sibson)

Menston - February 2015 (report by Dina Dixon)

Stage 5 of the Minster Way - January 2015 (report by Bill Payne)

Satge 4 of the Minster Way - January 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Stage 3 of the Minster Way: Huggate to Bishop Wilton - January 2015

Welburn - December 2014 (report by Dina Dixon)

Stage 2 of the Minster Way: Lockington to Huggate - November 2014 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Stage 1 of the Minster Way - November 2014 (report by Jim Eldon)

Middlesmoor - October 2014 (report by Barbara Campbell)

Sewerby Hall - October 2014 (report by Jim Eldon)

Stamford Bridge - October 2014 (report by Jim Eldon)

Horton In Ribblesdale - September 2014 (report by Liz Sibson)

Beamsley Beacon - September 2014 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Swinsty And Fewston - August 2014 (report by Marian G Peaker)

Dark Peak - August 2014 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Bransdale - August 2014 (report by Jim Eldon)

Upper Nidderdale - July 2014 (report by Ian And Judi Morris)

North Yorks Moors - July 2014 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Osmotherley - June 2014 (report by Barbara Campbell)

West Witton - June 2014 (report by Marian G Peaker)

Mossdale Falls - May 2014 (report by Bill Payne)

Hawarth To Hebden Bridge - May 2014 (report by Liz Sibson)

Bolton Abbey - Simons Seat - April 2014 (report by Marian G Peaker)

Peak District - March 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Roseberry Topping - March 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 06 - February 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 05 - February 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 04 - January 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 03 - January 2014 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 02 - December 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Leeds Country Way Stage 01 - November 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Wild Boar Fell - November 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Peak District - October 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Ingleborough - October 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Whernside - September 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Pen-Y-Ghent - September 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

High Cup Nick - August 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 5 - August 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 4 - July 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 3 - July 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 2 - June 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 1 - May 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Malham - May 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Dales High Way 2 - April 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Howardian Hills - April 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Dales High Way - April 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Wayramdale - April 2013 (report by Liz Sibson)

Rievaulx Abbey - March 2013 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Ribblehead - Horton - January 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Pateley Bridge - January 2013 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 3 - December 2012 (report by Tom Derivan)

Osmotherley - December 2012 (report by Jim Eldon)

Stanza Stones Stage 2 - November 2012 (report by Tom Derivan)

Stanza Stones Stage 1 - November 2012 (report by Tom Derivan)

Marsden Circular - November 2012 (report by Mary Till)

Stokesley - October 2012 (report by Judi Morris)

Horton Pen Y Ghent - October 2012 (report by Mary Till)

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