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Any genre - novel, short stories, poetry, letters, journal, technical, plays etc.

Meeting at 10.00am on the second Monday of each month for two hours or as required

At members homes or by arrangement.
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We always have a lot of laughter and good coffee and biscuits! All welcome!

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Forthcoming Events -

Monday, 9 December 2019 - Old Book meeting 10.00am - Carol's house in South Milford

Just a reminder about next Monday's meeting.

Hi, all, following the Memory Meetingg when we met Carol's friend who brought with her a museum quality book dating from 1665, from the time of Charles II - WOW! - that the theme for next month was obviously (!) - 'an old book'.  It was agreed that the term 'old' was elastic - it is so unlikely that any member of our group could have such an old book, that the term 'old' was allowable from e.g. last year's diary - twenty years ago with the joy of grandchildren - forty years ago when we discovered ancient Christmas Annuals - sixty years ago, when a house-move turned up a family bible - seventy years ago with artifacts from grandparents...  and so on... or anything which grabs your imagination!  The possibilities are endless.  I am so looking forward to hearing so many different responses.   Best wishes to all....Judith

Monday, 13 January 2020 - Meeting 10.00am - members' homes

Group Leader(s)

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  • Judith Maunder
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  • 01757 242667
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  • Carol Marvin
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  • 01977 683852
  • 07765 310093

Reports on past meetings -

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Meeting - October 2017 (report by Carol Marvin)

Postponed meeting - May 2017 (report by Judith)

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