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Any genre - novel, short stories, poetry, letters, journal, technical, plays etc.

Meeting at 10.00am on the second Monday of each month for two hours or as required

At members homes or by arrangement.
Contact group leader for venues




We always have a lot of laughter and good coffee and biscuits! All welcome!

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Forthcoming Events -

Monday, 8 July 2019 - Maybe Meeting 10.00am - Carol's house

Hi, there, folks,  it appears that many of us are going to be away on this day.  Unusually, please 'phone Carol if you are DEFINITELY able and willing to be at this meeting.  Otherwise, she will feel free to cancel.

Therefore, again unusually, we have proposed, rather than a suggested theme. that you all have the option of making a 'free choice'.  If there has been any bee in your bonnet, any itch which you were longing to scratch, any urging in your emotions..... then now is the time to indulge it!            Regards...  Judith

(PS. By the way, I have a similar itch, but, as we will still be away, I will send it to Carol. If there is no meeting, I hope that she will save it for the August meeting.)



Group Leader(s)

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  • Judith Maunder
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  • 01757 242667
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  • Carol Marvin
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  • 01977 683852
  • 07765 310093

Reports on past meetings -

Easter meeting - April 2018 (report by Judith)

Meeting - October 2017 (report by Carol Marvin)

Postponed meeting - May 2017 (report by Judith)

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