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Any genre - novel, short stories, poetry, letters, journal, technical, plays etc.

Meeting at 10.00am on the second Monday of each month for two hours or as required

At members homes or by arrangement.
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We always have a lot of laughter and good coffee and biscuits! All welcome!

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Forthcoming Events -

Monday, 28 October 2019 - Road works Meeting 10.00am - Judith's - subject to change

OK! - we got back from our travails and tried to turn into our road to find it blocked by 'Road Closed' barriers.  Road closed for THREE WEEKS!  They have shown no sign of doing anything apart from gouging out the pavements.  But there is no access during the day, and zero parking close to us.  Therefore, I have had to beg the ever-loving Carol to put up with us in her house for the next Meeting.  I am seriously cross with this turn of events - because this next meeting I had proposed would have been one of my favourites - Music - with provision of support sound-tracks......   We had no prior knowledge of this road closure - a letter was sent a week ago, while we were still driving northwards.   So sorry, folks - I may change my offering into a travel journey - or maybe - who knows?  However, we DO hope to meet up with as many members as are available, - bring along anything you have written - I have SO missed our amazingly varied pieces.    Best......Judith and Ron...

Monday, 11 November 2019 - Meeting 10.00am - members' homes

Group Leader(s)

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  • Judith Maunder
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  • 01757 242667
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  • Carol Marvin
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  • 01977 683852
  • 07765 310093

Reports on past meetings -

Easter meeting - April 2018 (report by Judith)

Meeting - October 2017 (report by Carol Marvin)

Postponed meeting - May 2017 (report by Judith)

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