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Any genre - novel, short stories, poetry, letters, journal, technical, plays etc.

Meeting at 10.00am on the second Monday of each month for two hours or as required

At members homes or by arrangement.
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We always have a lot of laughter and good coffee and biscuits! All welcome!

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Forthcoming Events -

Monday, 13 April 2020 - egg meeting? - None!

Hi, folks,  As this is Easter Monday it is unlikely that many members would be around and available.  And it is also unlikely that many of us will feel eager to meet face to face.....

But I don't want to allow our momentum to fade....  Therefore I propose that we hold an internet meeting!  Several meetings ago we had a theme of 'a story in 100 words'.   Carol's was exceptional and it still brings tears to my eyes when I recall it!.

Lorna and I think that maybe 100 words is too much of a challenge - but we think that, in order to keep our creative brains working - we ask you all to create a complete story within 200 words - full characters, full plot, full atmosphere, etc...

If our members can send their efforts fo me, I will save and circulate to the others, just as long as this Wuflu continues.  I don't want to catch anything - nor do I want to spread anything.  But I really miss our meetings.  Each of us has such a different response to the sugested theme. 

Reports on past meetings -

Easter meeting - April 2018 (report by Judith)

Meeting - October 2017 (report by Carol Marvin)

Postponed meeting - May 2017 (report by Judith)

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