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Days away with places to explore at our own leisurely pace...

Our aim is to choose a location and go a wandering.

Find the hidden places of interest and lunch venues of course.

No pre-arranged ideas so we would be free to wander in small groups and make our own discoveries.

We could share our knowledge on our return.

We would travel on a car sharing basis, not too far away, or maybe use the bus or train if feasible.




So come and join us and let's just go a wandering

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Forthcoming Events -

September 2019 - The Piece Hall 9.00am - Halifax

Piece Hall Halifax

The Piece Hall in Halifax has been dubbed
'Yorkshire's Most Important Secular Building'
An architectural phenomenon, absolutely unique, rare and precious

It is grade II listed and the sole survivor of the northern cloth halls of the eighteenth century

It was built as a cloth hall, dating back to 1779, for trading 30 yard lengths of cloth, known as 'pieces' of woven woollen material produced on a handloom

There is a wealth of things to do and explore

There are: Art shops and galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars as well as various shops and a heritage centre to explore

The Piece Hall is a unique experience for all

We intend to travel by train as Halifax railway station is quite close by and only five minutes’ walk away

If you would like to join us, please email:

The Piece Hall
West Yorkshire
Tel: 01422 525 217


Here are some hyperlinks to visit:

The Piece Hall

Visit Us



Eat and Drink


September 2019 - Explore Boston Spa 10.00am - Boston Spa


Why Explore Boston Spa?

Boston Spa is full of fascinating surprises with, heritage trails, a woodland walk (returning via the high street) and the riverside walk along the banks of the Wharfe.

Would you believe that kingfishers and otters have been seen from the riverside path?

Boston Spa

Did you know that there was once a Gas Works, a Spa Baths and still is a grade II listed dovecote which some historians say was once used as a lockup?

Don’t miss St Mary’s Church!

We will meet at The Eversley Park Centre for car sharing at the civilised time of 10.00 am.

If you want to join us then email:

Find out much more by downloading a Heritage Trail leaflet to bring with you, by clicking here.

Click here for the Boston Spa website

Here, in no particular order, is a non-exhaustive list of places to eat and drink.

See disclaimer below at the end of this list.

Dulcie Butterfly
148 High Street
Boston Spa

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La Casita (Open from 12.00 noon on Thursday to Saturday)
148 High Street
Boston Spa

Click here for website


L’Auila (Closed Monday’s)
152 High Street
Boston Spa

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Harts Coffe House and Deli
160A High Street
Boston Spa

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Stew and Oyster
175 High Street
Boston Spa

Click here for website


WiSE Owl Café (Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
(Wetherby in Support of the Elderly)
199 High Street
Boston Spa

Click here for website


Tom Foolery
Tomorrow’s a Mystery and Today is a Gift)
179 High Street
Boston Spa

Click here for website


Café deli
134 High Street
Boston Spa

Disclaimer: Inclusion of establishments in this list does not imply that Sherburn and Villages U3A endorse any product or service provided and if you patronise these providers, you must bear the risks of using their services. This list is provided on an as-is basis and no warranties are expressed or implied. See also Sherburn and Villages website 'Terms and Conditions'.

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