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If you take digital pictures and would like to learn how to process and improve them to either print, attach to emails to send to friends or family, then come and join our enthusiastic self help group learning from each other.

We start from the very beginning with the operation of cameras, picture composition, exposure, downloading, to printing and mounting, in fact any aspect of digital photography you may want to know about.

You don't need any previous experience in photography whatsoever.

We have two separate groups at our meetings, one for beginners and one for improvers.

However, you don’t have to always attend or choose to join one of the groups for every future visit.

On each visit you can join whichever group is doing something you want to learn about.

Each time we meet we often bring along some digital images on a USB memory stick to review and for members to offer constructive criticism.

We offer both the beginners and the improvers groups the opportunity to view the images during their separate meetings.

The content of each groups meeting is chosen by the group members, and we welcome requests for subjects to be included in future meetings.

Come along and join in the fun.

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We meet at 2.00pm on the second and fourth Friday of each month for two hours at

Saint Mary's Parish Hall
High Street
South Milford
North Yorkshire
LS25 5AQ

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If anyone has a specific request to discuss any subject for either the beginners group or the improvers group then please email your request to:

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Forthcoming Events -

Friday, 25 January 2019 - Meeting 2.00pm - St Mary's Church Hall, South Milford

The Improvers Group:


We will be meeting to decide on our future meetings programme.

Please come along and give us your suggestions.

We welcome new group members and there is no need for prior knowledge or experience of digital or any other form of photography.

Our members will be very happy to provide support and encouragement to newcomers.

Friday, 8 February 2019 - Meeting 2.00pm - St Mary's Church Hall, South Milford

Friday, 22 February 2019 - Meeting 2.00pm - St Mary's Church Hall, South Milford

Group Leader(s)

Author Photo
  • Alex Svenson
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 683514
  • 07712 649886
Author Photo
  • Dave Sewell
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 684670
  • 07855 818578
Author Photo
  • Ian Nicholls
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 681432
  • 07968 162271

Reports on past meetings -

Meeting - May 2018 (report by Ian Nicholls)

Meeting - April 2018

Meeting - March 2018 (report by Ian Nicholls)

Meeting - January 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting - November 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting - July 2017 (report by Ken Moss)

Meeting - June 2017 (report by Alex Svenson And Ian Nicholls)

Meeting - February 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting - October 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting - January 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting and Fuddle - December 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Meeting - August 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

York Bird of Prey Centre - July 2015 (report by Lorna Pope)

Portrait Session - July 2014

Portrait Session - November 2013

Portraits - January 2013

Favourite Subject - November 2012

Weather and Moonlight - November 2012

Snow and Leaves - October 2012

Fire and Photography as Art - October 2012

Street Furniture and Sunrise and Sunset - September 2012

Monochrome and Pairs - September 2012

Light and Shade and Threes - August 2012

Textures and Patterns - August 2012

Water - July 2012

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