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Come and join your U3A friends for dinner




We dine out each month at various restaurants and pubs serving good food

The venues, dates and days of the week we meet are on an ad-hoc basis, to give everyone a chance to join us on a day available to them

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group, please email us at email: dining@sherburnu3a.org

Venues are suggested by the group members


Here are some receved recently

Do you have any to add?

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Reports on past dining outs -

Kendells Bistro francaise - July 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

The Scotts Arms - April 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Sangthai Restaurant - February 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Per Bacco - July 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

La Bella Vita - April 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

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