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“And now for something completely different.”

I am sure most of you will have heard that Monty Python phrase before, but this group really is different.

Join us for some very different activities.

Abseiling, caving, rock climbing, potholing to name just some of the extreme events we get up to.

Do come and join us, you know you will like it!







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Forthcoming Events -

Reports on past experiences -

Gorge Scrambling Strans Gill, Hubberholme - October 2019 (report by Mike Wadeson)

Rock Climbing Stanage Edge - August 2019 (report by Lesley Crawford )

Walking / Caving Trip To Wales - June 2019 (report by Lesley Crawford )

Indoor Climbing Wall - May 2019

Gorge Climbing/Abseiling - April 2019 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Via Ferrata - February 2019 (report by Marilyn Richardson)

Planning Meeting - January 2019 (report by Peter Wood)

Climbing Gordale Scar plus a walk. - November 2018 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Caving at Goyden Pot - October 2018 (report by Tony Kell)

Rock Climbing at Stanage - August 2018 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Rock Scrambling at Strans Ghyll - June 2018 (report by Bill Payne)

Caving Trip to Wales - June 2018 (report by Graham Mollard)

Indoor Climbing Wall - May 2018 (report by Wendy Payne)

Planning Event - April 2018 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Via Ferrata - February 2018 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Caving - October 2017 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Rock Climbing - August 2017 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Abseiling - July 2017 (report by Wendy)

Planning Meeting - May 2017 (report by Eileen)

How Stean Gorge - January 2017 (report by Anne Mack)

Ibbeth Peril Cave - July 2016 (report by Angela Lowe)

Strans Gill - June 2016 (report by Liz Sibson)

Abseiling in the Derbyshire Hills - July 2015 (report by Mary Till)

Caving - July 2014 (report by Silvia Mileham)

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