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A Monthly Meeting is held at 2.00pm on the third Thursday of each month in the

Eversley Park Centre
Low Street
Sherburn in Elmet
North Yorkshire
LS25 6BA
01977 681 024

There is a car park and buses stop close by.

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At the monthly meeting we often have a speaker, a coffee break and groups activity when you can get the latest information from your group leaders. You also have the opportunity to join new interest groups or even form one of your own with fellow members who have a similar interest.

Please Note: We ask for a contribution of £2.00 at each general meeting to cover the cost of refreshments and room hire.

If you are new to our U3A or are planning on coming to a monthly meeting for the first time click on the link below to see how our Meeters and Greeters can help you settle in.

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The speaker schedule for the coming months is:

Thursday, 18 February 2021 - Votes for Women 2.00pm - Eversley Park Centre

Votes for Women-The story of the struggle for female emancipation,by the suffragettes and suffragists.

presented by Eric Jackson

Thursday, 18 March 2021 - Lost Kingdom of Elmet 2.00pm - Eversley Centre Sherburn in Elmet

For the north of Britain there is little information about what happened between the fall of Roman government and the rise of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. It is clear that a number of small principalities grew up, of which Elmet was one. This talk looks at the available evidence for Elmet in an attempt to throw some light onto the ‘Celtic Twilight’.  

Thursday, 20 May 2021 - Yorkshire Dialect -Eric Scaife 2.00pm - eversley park centre Sherburn in Elmet


Humorous look at Yorkshire Dialect, anecdotes and jokes, also a selection of dialect poetry,

and of course the Yorkshire Flag. And as Eric said " Ah’l si thee." !!!

Thursday, 17 June 2021 - Paul Isherwood 2.00pm - Eversley Park Centre Sherburn in Elmet

Firstly, the mind of a compulsive gambler - what makes us tick.

Then my own gambling addiction - overcoming on 6th January 1987.

Lastly, a gamblers anonymous meeting - expectations.


Thursday, 15 July 2021 - Musical Memories of the 50's & 60's 2.00pm - Eversley Park Centre Sherburn in Elmet

Musical memories of the 50's & 60's

-a fascinating story of 3 young men and a guitar.

Thursday, 19 August 2021 - The Tale of Beatrix Potter -Janet Niepokojczycka 2.00pm - Eversley Park Centre Sherburn in Elmet

The Tale of Beatrix Potter -Following the life of this talented woman -artist ,botanical illustrator,

scientist ,conservationist and farmer

Thursday, 18 November 2021 - The Gunpowder Plot 2.00pm - Eversley Park Centre

"Remember Remember the 5th November, gunpowder treason and plot" but what do we really know about the events of 1605 that created our modern bonfire night celebrations? 

Could the plot have succeeded? The talk examines a modern day re-construction  of the planned explosion and what the result would have been. This should be a very interesting talk. 

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Pantomime Aladdin - December 2016

Renewals and Open Afternoon - October 2016 (report by Carol Marvin)

The U3A Players Showcase Allo Allo - June 2016 (report by Viv Simpson)

Christmas Pantomime - December 2015 (report by Carol Marvin)

AGM followed by a Speaker - November 2015

Renewal Afternoon & Group Activity Showcase - October 2015 (report by Carol Marvin)

Summer Event - August 2015 (report by Carol Marvin)

Tour de Yorkshire by Dr Howard Ferguson - March 2015

Tour de Yorkshire Presentation Slides - March 2015

Christmas Pantomime - December 2014

5th Birthday Anniversary - November 2014

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One hundred years on – a tribute - August 2014 (report by Lorna Pope)

Christmas Party and Pantomime - December 2013

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Sherburn and Villages U3A Third Birthday and Open Afternoon - October 2012

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