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malham.pngThe group meets monthly for discussion, presentations, films/videos, and field trips.

We are lucky enough to live amidst some of the best geology in the country, if not Europe.

Join us to explore it and understand what lies beneath our feet, how our landscape was formed and why it looks the way it does.

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Our meetings take place on an approximately alternate indoor/outdoor basis. Indoor meetings take place at The Crown Inn, Monk Fryston at 13:30 for approximately 2 hours.

Outdoor meetings will be visits to venues of geological interest, or field trips lasting most of the day to geological sites within reasonable driving distance, meeting at The Eversley Centre in Sherburn for car share under usual U3A rules, unless otherwise advised.

The picture is of the former waterfall, now presenting as a limestone cliff at Malham Cove.


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Forthcoming Events -

Tuesday, 11 February 2020 - Spanish Geology 1.30pm - The Crown Inn, Monk Fryston

Shaun Kearns, one of our founder members,will be giving us a presentation about his visits to an interesting and geologically unique area of Spain.

Sunday, 15 March 2020 - Greenhow Lead Mine -

A visit to an 18th Century Lead mine in the heart of what was then a highly industrialised area of the Dales.

We will walk in (no lifts!) to the almost horizontal adit following the original galena vein which also acts as the outlet of the mine drainage system, so wellies are essential, old waterproofs are a good idea too as there may be water dripping from above as well. Hard hats and head torches will be provided. 

This is a fascinating insight into the geology and working conditions of lead mining in the late 1700s. You will see many examples of various lead-mining minerals in situ in their original and natural stat.

Unusually this visit is on a Sunday due to the limited availability of volunteer guides for whom there will be a donation to be made, plus the usual car-share contribution.

Timings and Eversley meeting details are yet to be finalised. Watch this space!

Thursday, 23 April 2020 - The Yellowstone Caldera 1.30pm - The Crown Inn, Monk Fryston

Group member Edward French will be giving a presentation on the caldera in Yellowstone National Park, USA, the site of a massive dormant  “volcano” which wipes out much of life on Earth when it blows, and is long overdue for its next one! Should that happen in the meanwhile, the meeting may have t be cancelled!

Thursday, 28 May 2020 - Field Trip — Permian and Carboniferous exposures in Knaresborough. 9.30am -

This is a re-run if the trip we had to cancel in September.

An easy stroll led by David Mills along the riverside in Knaresborough where there are many interesting Geological exposures  to investigate which give an insight into the difference between Permian and Carboniferous depositions.

Unusually for a field trip there are many cafés, pubs and toilets along the way, and the going is easy along good roads and paths. The walk is about 8km/5 miles if we visit all 15 localities and depending on the diversions made.

Things to look out for:

  • Permian and Carboniferous strata and the unconformity between them;
  • Glacial Till, moraines and eskers;
  • cross-bedded oolites, dolomite, gypsum and tufa;
  • sandstone, limestone, conglomerate;
  • feldspar and quartz;
  • a fault, fossils etc.

No hammering on this trip please.

Meet at Eversley at 09:30 for car share, probable return c. 16:00, dogs welcome.

Monday, 29 June 2020 - Cave Science of the Yorkshire Dales 1.30pm - The Crown Inn, Monk Fryston

Associate Professor Phil Murphy of Leeds University Earth Sciences Dept has offered to give us a talk on The Cave Science of the Yorkshire Dales on 29 June.

This is likely to be an interesting, informative presentation given with Phil's customary dry wit.

Come along and learn some stuff about caves in the Yorkshire Dales you didn't know before!

Reports on past meetings -

Festive Lunch - December 2019 (report by David Mills)

Geological Time - December 2019 (report by David Mills)

Identifying rocks - November 2019 (report by David Mills)

Roundhay Park, a walk back in time - August 2019 (report by David Mills)

Field Trip to Otley Chevin Geology Trail - May 2019 (report by David Mills)

Field Trip to Boston Spa riverside geology trail - April 2019 (report by David Mills)

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