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Take part in quizzes or even try setting up a quiz - if you are willing to help, please contact Barrie, details below. The quiz group always welcomes new quizzers and quiz masters! 





Our next monthly quiz and for the foreseeable future all the quizzes are cancelled.

I will be offering an alternative event so watch this space...... 



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Sunday, 5 April 2020 - Monthly Quiz At Your Home 8.00pm - In Your Home

Sunday, 5 April 2020 - Monthly Quiz Night 8.00pm - At Home

OOOps!  General Knowledge 1 should now be just that!

Sorry - hehe!


Evening All

No fancy pictures, caused me no end of brain ache so I'll research it further. Just worked it out but too late now!

(If it's not Sunday Evening, this is a test version!)


Here is your quiz, hope you all manage to get it. It was originally too long so I've shortened it to 115 questions. I'll aim to give you the answers on Tuesday. You have 24 questions on confectionary – guess which one it is from cryptic clues, General Knowledge 40 + 5 bonus, 25 Pictures of Cartoons, Country Silhouettes, Hairstyles and a few random people and another General Knowledge of 20 plus 1 bonus. Remember, NO GOOGLING! Might be difficult if using a phone, a tablet, laptop or PC is better. If you're having problems email me and I'll dump it on a new event.


Answer Sheet:  (Will need to be printed - or use blank paper)




General Knowledge 1:




General Knowledge 2:



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