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To Discovery and Beyond Strapline

We have quarterly group meetings to discuss our past outings and to plan future visits.

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Forthcoming Events -

Thursday, 13 December 2018 - University of York Biology Department 9.45am - University of York

Going to the Races: Making maggots with dementia better with drugs!

Only 6 places left - reserve yours now..

Dementia in some rare cases can run in families. In the Sweeney lab we use these genetic causes of dementia to try to understand the disease – how it starts and how it progresses. We induce forms of dementia in the brains of fruit flies so that we can understand the mechanisms of the disease – and we then use this roadmap to examine what happens when we induce the disease in rat neurons. Using this roadmap, we have identified a drug that is normally used to treat a liver condition, that reverses much of the effects of a form of Frontotemporal Dementia, an early onset dementia that affects social and linguistic interaction.

In the practical, we will examine the crawling and agility performance of fruit fly maggots that have a frontotemporal dementia associated protein turned on in their brain. In parallel, we will examine identical maggots treated with the newly identified drug to see how much neuronal function we can rescue with the treatment. I will also give a talk on the work in the Sweeney lab at York at the end of the session.

There are limited places available.

Please email to reserve your place.

Monday, 7 January 2019 - The earth in my pocket: an introduction to Geology 2.00pm - Members' homes

The proposed trip to the geological exhibits at Cliffe Castle has proved too great a challenge to organise at present.

As an alternative, and a way of gauging support for a potential Geology group, we could make use of an upcoming FutureLearn course as the basis for a discussion group in people's homes.

It consists of a 4 week course comprising 3 hours per week of reading, watching TV, and listening to presentations/lectures provided by The Open University via the FutureLearn platform. These are very easy to follow, very much at your own pace within the weekly programme which is not too rigidly enforced as there is usually a couple of weeks over-run before the course closes. There are no tests or exams involved!

I suggest the best format would be for each member to enrol on the course, follow the lesson plan during the week at leisure, then meet for a couple of hours on each of the four Fridays as a group for a discussion/self-help session. Maybe kick off with an initial meeting on 7 January to make sure everyone understands the process. If successful and enough interest is generated it could continue in similar fashion with other interweb offerings plus field trips during the summer months, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Please let me know on if you like the sound of the idea and I’ll set things up.

Meanwhile, take a look at the FutureLearn course welcome page here. If you  wish you can enrol ahead of the game and familiarise yourself with the format and interact with other early participants.

Friday, 18 January 2019 - Quarterly Meeting 11.00am - The Old Girl's School, Sherburn in Elmet

We will be holding our SciTech Quarterly meeting on 18th January 2019 at 11.00 am, in The Terry Hall, in The Old Girls School, Sherburn in Elmet.

To enable us to cover the cost of the room hire we will charge everyone £3.00 which will include a cup of tea or coffee.

Please confirm your attendance so that we can ensure that we have sufficient chairs for you and that we are accommodated in the best size room for our numbers.

Group Leader(s)

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  • Alex Svenson
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  • 01977 683514
  • 07712 649886
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  • Wendy Harvey
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  • 01977 689338
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  • David Mills
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  • 01977 680424
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  • Sue Auders
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  • 01757 228405

Reports on past visits -

Trolley Bus Museum - November 2018 (report by David Mills )

Hat Works - Stockport - October 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Terracotta Warriors - August 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Beamish Open Air Museum - Festival of the 50's - July 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Sound Leisure Classic Jukeboxes - June 2018 (report by Douglas Robinson)

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker - May 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

University of York Chemistry Department - April 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Maltings Organic Treatment - August 2017 (report by David Mills)

Stockbridge Technology Centre - July 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

University of York - Department of Electronic Engineering - June 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Beamish Open Air Museum - June 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Crich Tramway Village - May 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Macclesfield Silk Museum and Paradise Mill - April 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Thackray Medical Museum - March 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Beamish Open Air Museum and the Angel of the North - October 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Black Sheep Brewery - August 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Sci-Tech Group Visit to Edinburgh and Falkirk - April 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Discovery Museum - March 2016 (report by Lorna Pope)

The Gamelan Musical Instrument - March 2016 (report by Francis Newton)

Incredible Indigo - February 2016 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Bradford Industrial Museum and the National Media Museum - November 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Port Sunlight Museum and Garden Village - October 2015 (report by Lorna Pope)

Black Country Living Museum - September 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

DNA Fingerprinting - September 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Quarry Bank Mill - July 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Museum of Science and Industry - May 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

RAF Scampton Museum - April 2015 (report by Lorna Pope)

National Space Centre - March 2015 (report by Lorna Pope)

Drax Power Station - February 2015

Ironbridge Weekend - October 2014

DNA Fingerprinting - September 2014

Jodrell Bank - August 2014 (report by Lorna Pope)

Department of Music - March 2014

Liverpool - November 2013

Wakefield Rhubarb Festival - February 2013

Castle Museum York - January 2013

Hull Museums and Old Town Tour - November 2012

Castleton Bakewell Blue John Cavern - September 2012

Anderton Boat Lift - July 2012

Yorkshire Air Museum - June 2012

David Mellor Design - May 2012

Eden Camp - April 2012

World Of Glass - March 2012

Jorvik And Barley Hall - February 2012

National Coal Mining Museum - January 2012

Saltaire - October 2011

Hatworks And Stockport - September 2011

Streetlife - August 2011

Beamish - July 2011

Black Sheep Brewery - June 2011

Wensleydale Creamery and Gayle Mill - May 2011

Thackray - April 2011

Drax Power Station - March 2011

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