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A group for the discovery of new activities and experiences.

Make a suggestion for an activity not catered for by other groups.

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Forthcoming Events -


We conduct visits for groups up to a maximum of 15 people and a minimum of 12.

These visits are available on Tuesday evenings only.

The visits start at 7 pm and last for approximately two and a half hours. There is a small charge for the visit; this money goes into a public account that funds welfare opportunities across the Station.

We currently have a huge demand for visitors and our programme is fully booked well in to 2020.

You have been added to our waiting list.

Please consider the following restrictions placed on visitors:

1.The SSPAR may cause issues for visitors who use hearing aids; any such person should
be advised to seek advice from the manufacturer/supplier.

2.Proximity to the SSPAR will cause issues for anyone fitted with a pacemaker and as such
unfortunately we cannot accept anyone who uses one for health and safety reasons.

3.The SSPAR is a multi-storey building with approximately double the amount of stairs
between floors that you would find in the average domestic dwelling. In the event of emergency
evacuation these are the only routes out. Therefore visitors with mobility problems will not be able
to join the visit for health and safety reasons.

4.Your group details will be required approximately 8 weeks before any visit and cannot be
changed at a later date.

5.For security purposes we do not permit mobile phones, cameras, laptop computers,
recording devices or any other form of electrical equipment to be brought into the SSPAR.

Please be aware that visits can be cancelled at short notice due to operational commitments.

Group Leader(s)

Author Photo
  • Alex Svenson
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 683514
  • 07712 649886
Author Photo
  • Wendy Harvey
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 689338
  • 07954 285799

Reports on past meetings -

Saffron - August 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Saffron - May 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

University Challenge recordings - April 2018 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Jazz in the Spa - April 2018 (report by Alex Svenson)

Temperance Seven at Jazz in the Spa - October 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

So you want to be in films? - October 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

60's big Night Out - April 2017

Saffron - April 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Beverley & Hearing Dogs Centre or Burnby Hall - March 2017 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Houses of Parliament tour - February 2017 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Guided Tour of Selby Abbey - February 2017 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz in the Spa - November 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Whitby Goth Weekend November 2016 - November 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Saffron Restaurant - October 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

International Fire Training Centre and Transporter Bridge - October 2016 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Sherburn Aero Club Talk and Lunch - September 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

The Thai Sunshine Restaurant - August 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Ten Pin Bowling and China City Chinese Buffet Restaurant - July 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz in the Spa - July 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Saffron Restaurant - June 2016 (report by Alex Svenson)

Walking Tour of York - May 2016 (report by Wendy Harvey)

West Yorkshire Astronomical Society Rosse Observatory at Carleton. - March 2016 (report by Lorna Pope)

MANCHESTER - November 2015 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Jazz at the Spa - November 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz at the Burnside - November 2015

Bond Night at The Bon - October 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

War Weekend - October 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz in the Spa - August 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz in the Spa - July 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Jazz in the Spa - May 2015 (report by Alex Svenson)

Caving - July 2014 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Castle Howard - December 2013

Ossett Brewery - October 2013

Hull Ale Trail - June 2013

Quiz Night 2013 - May 2013

Grand Kashmiri Buffet at Jinnah - April 2013

Jazz In The Spa - March 2013

Wetherby Treasure Hunt - September 2012

Jazz In The Spa - June 2012

Segway - June 2012 (report by Auto)

Ten Pin Bowling And Flaming Dragon - May 2012

Dawn Chorus - May 2012 (report by Di Sewell)

Itv Studios Salford Countdown March 2012 - March 2012 (report by Wendy Harvey)

Itv Studios Salford - February 2012 (report by Wendy Harvey)

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