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Are Sundays often a bore and a drag?

Are you regularly looking for Sunday things to do?

Would you prefer to spend Sunday having good times with like minded friends?

If this sounds like you, consider joining 'Sunday Scene'.

A U3A group looking to make every Sunday a Funday.

Every member is a leader, with activities decided and driven by the members.

Group meetings are held on a monthly basis, to discuss ideas and activities.

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Forthcoming Events -

Sunday, 2 June 2019 - Sunday Lunch The Black Dog 4.00pm - The Black Dog, Camblesforth

A lunch will be held at the Black Dog, Camblesforth on 2 June.  It was decided to arrange this lunch for the later time of 3.00 pm to try and avoid being 'rushed' when the meal was finished.  It is also hoped that the weather might be kind and we could sit outside afterwards.


Please contact Doreen on if you would like to join in - Thanks Doreen


Update - Doreen visited the Black Dog yesterday to reserve the table.  The Manager/Owner advised her that 3pm was still a busy time, so she  changed this to 4.00 pm when the pub is a little quieter.



Monday, 10 June 2019 - Monthly Meeting 10.30am - The Owl at Hambleton

Hello All

Our last meeting was on 13 May when we had 7 members attending.  We reviewed the lunches we had eaten: the White Horse at Ledston was a disappointment, we were not all seated on the same table, and the meal was quite poor, Sherburn Aerodrome was good overall although 3 attendees waited so long for their meal that the rest of us had almost finished. I believe it was the manager who came to our table as we were getting ready to leave to apologise, they had a classic car event there on the same day as our booking, he was expecting about 30 people, and had about 130 so they were rather overwhelmed! The Plough at Burton Salmon was the venue for the 12 May - The meal was good but once again the service was slow, plates delivered with meat, potatoes, Yorkshires, and then a long wait until all the veg was supplied.

Other items we discussed go into July but brief mentions follow:

13 July is the date for the Monk Fryston Proms.  Hopefully at the next meeting there will be more information available for me to update everyone.

19 July - there was interest shown for a floodlit river trip on the Ouse.  I have checked the times for this, the boat leaves at 9.15 and returns at 10.45.  The cost via Travelzoo is £11.00 per person.  If anyone fancies going please let me know on

27 July - Douglas had asked if anyone was interested in a trip to Pocklington Canal with lunch at the Melbourne Arms.  This is the date we picked at the meeting.  Douglas, can you check with Bob and let me know if this is doable, and let me know with the costs involved so I can pass on to members.  

Douglas was also asking if anyone would be interested in a Rotary/Queen Ethelburga's college fundraising dinner and performance of Chicago, to be held on 30 November.  No prices have yet been announced, tables are for 10, and gentlemen are asked to wear black tie or lounge suits.  If anyone is interested can you please contact Douglas directly at

And finally, if any member wants to suggest a venue for July onward, or is willing to co-ordinate, but is unable to attend a monthly meeting please let me know.



Sunday, 16 June 2019 - Sunday Lunch - Crooked Billet, Saxton 1.00pm - The Crooked Billet, Saxton

A lunch is to be held at the above venue.


Please contact if you would like to join us.  



Sunday, 30 June 2019 - Sunday Lunch Sapori 74, Selby 4.00pm - Sapori 74, Selby

A 'lunch' will be held at the above venueon 30 June.  Time is to be confirmed as the last time we ate here the service was a bit slow as the restaurant was jammed!


Barbara Stevenson is co-ordinating this, I will speak with her after she has checked with the restauant and confirm the booked time later.  Please contact Barbara on if you would like to join us.


Group Leader(s)

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  • Barbara Stevenson
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  • 01757 700010
  • 07876 580620
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  • Jayne Brogie
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  • 01977 685865

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