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What could be better than spending time in wonderful countryside with plenty of fresh air and great company?

If that sounds appealing to you why not join the walking group?

We meet fortnightly on different days of the week so that all members have a chance to participate.

A schedule of walks is decided upon three months in advance. Distances vary from about five to eight miles. Members generally have lots of ideas about which walks they'd like to do and suggestions are always welcome but you don't need to feel compelled to lead one. If you would like to lead a walk you don't need to be a qualified walk leader but you need to know the walk well.

Walkers are responsible for their own safety on walks but we are all covered by the U3A for public liability. Most walks leave from the Eversley Centre in Sherburn and we share cars (and costs) where possible though sometimes we travel on public transport. Walks are generally within an hour and a half of Sherburn but often closer to home during the winter months and of course, we're not averse to coffee and cakes en route, at the end of the walk, or both.

If you're interested please contact us by phone or email or, if you're not sure about joining, why don't you try us out, see if you like it and then decide?

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Forthcoming Events -

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 - Janet & Steves Walk - Circular walk starting in Spofforth about 7 miles

 A lovely circular walk starting in Spofforth going out near Plumpton onto the beautiful village of Follifoot and back to Spofforth. A few styles, a fair bit of mud, a few ups and downs,  but a lovely walk to suit all. 

Meeting at The Eversley to leave at 9.15am to start walking at 10am. Plenty of parking on the main street and around the Castle Inn. Only 16 miles by car so £3.20 per car. 

Please can anyone going straight to Spofforth, let me know so we dont set off without you. Mobile 07484278083.

I was proposing to have a planning meeting straight after the walk at the Castle Inn, but as there are lots of other activities on the same day, I will have a word with the Old Girls School and book a room for the planning. A date  for the meeting will follow. 

Just a thank you to Margaret Kell for helping Steve and I recce the walk. 




Monday, 4 November 2019 - Walking Group Planning Meeting 10.00am - The Old Girls School Sherburn in Elmet

I thought it was easier to arrange a seperate date for the planning meeting for the walking group. I have booked a room at the Old Girls School for 10am on Monday 4th November. The cost per person is £2.50 including tea and biscuits. 

Please come along with ideas and offers to  arrange/ lead walks for the 2020 period. If you cannot make the date, please could you send me an email or massage if you are able to offer a walk. 

We are still looking for a  deputy walk leader for the group, so have a think about it and we can discuss at the meeting. 


mobile 07484278083

Wednesday, 6 November 2019 - Walk by Marian from Thorner - Walk from Thorner going through Hetchell Nature Re

Another walk from Thorner, some of which we have done before but this time we will go through Hetchell Nature Reserve past the crags where we might see some climbers. The nature reserve is also home to the rare Thistle broomrape which only grows in Yorkshire.

The walk is 6½ miles of easy walking with just one hill but could be muddy in parts.

Meet at Eversley at 9.30 am ready to walk from Thorner at 10 am. Park on Main Street and meet at the Mexborough Arms. The mileage is 26 round trip costing £5·20 per car.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 - Jim and Pats Walk - to be decided.

Please note I had put the wrong week in the calendar for Jim and Pats walk. Jim and Pat have now confirmed that their walk will be on the 19th Nov, further details will follow.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - Marilyn's Walk, Castle Howard, 7m -

Please note change of date to Tuesday 3rd December.

Walk from Welburn across the parkland and through the woodlands of the Castle Howard estate.
Leave Eversley at 9.00 to start walking at 10. Follow A64 past York and turn off left to Welburn. Parking on the main street in Welburn and toilet at the Village Hall.

33 miles each way so £3.30 for 4 and £4.40 for 3 in a car.
Please let Marilyn know if you are going direct on 07546 362838.


Thursday, 12 December 2019 - Christmas Lunch - Venue to be decided . date is correct

Monday, 16 December 2019 - Judi & Ians Walk - details to be decided - Week commencing 16th Dec

Group Leader(s)

Author Photo
  • Janet Sissons
  • Mail Address
  • 01937 558154
  • 07484 278083
Author Photo
  • Angela Kell
  • Mail Address
  • 01977 684022
  • 07425 153370

Reports on past walks -

Walk by Martin & Diane - October 2019 (report by Martin Lee)

Maggie & Karen's walk, Levisham to Pickering - Return by NYM Railway - September 2019 (report by Karen Packham)

Walk by Mike Wadeson, Marsden - August 2019 (report by Mike)

Tadcaster, 6-7 miles, walk by Angela - August 2019 (report by Angela)

Walk by Tony & Margaret, Brimham Rocks - July 2019 (report by Tony Kell)

Walk by Mary Till and Anne Mack - July 2019 (report by Anne Mack)

Walk by David & Barbara - June 2019 (report by David Campbell)

Angela's Walk :Middleham 6-7m - June 2019 (report by Angela)

John Nesbitt's walk, Angler's Country Park, about 6 miles - May 2019 (report by John Nesbitt. )

Maureen Dransfield's walk..Helmsley Bluebells - May 2019

Peter & Maureen's Walk; - April 2019 (report by Peter)

Jim & Pats Walk; Fridaythorpe Yorkshire Wolds - April 2019 (report by Jim & Pat)

Bill & Wendy's walk, Oxenhope, 8m - March 2019 (report by Bill & Wendy)

Liz and Kev's walk, Huby to Hornbeam Park Station, 7m - March 2019 (report by Liz Sibson)

Walk by Angela Kell - Temple Newsam - February 2019 (report by Angela Kell)

Circular from The Arium and back - 8 miles - February 2019 (report by Marion Peaker)

Barbara & David's walk. 5.5 miles - January 2019 (report by David Campbell)

Margaret & Tony's walk 7.5 miles - January 2019 (report by Tony Kell)

Wendy & Bill's walk & Xmas Fuddle - December 2018 (report by Wendy)

Wendy & Bill's walk - 8 miles. a few more photos - December 2018 (report by Bill Payne)

Maureen & Peter's walk - 8.5 miles - November 2018 (report by Peter Wood)

Margaret & Tony's walk - 7 miles - November 2018 (report by Tony Kell)

John & Angela's walk, Barwick-In Elmet Circular, 6.5m - October 2018 (report by Angela Kell)

Eileen & Graham's walk - 8 miles - October 2018 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Horsforth & Leeds/Liverpool canal - Liz & Kevin's walk - September 2018 (report by Liz Sibson)

Stainborough/Worsbrough circular 7 miles Diane & Martin - September 2018 (report by Martin Lee)

Hazel & Marilyn's walk - 8 miles. - August 2018 (report by Hazel Elderkin)

Maggie & Karen's walk: Horsforth , River are, Leeds & Liverpool Ca - August 2018 (report by Karen Packham)

Wendy & Bill's walk, 9 miles Ripley, Hampsthwaite, Burnt Yates - July 2018 (report by Bill Payne)

Mary & Anne's walk. 6.5 miles - July 2018 (report by Mary Till)

Janet and Angela's Walk _ circular Walk from Leyburn - June 2018 (report by Janet Sissons)

John's walk from Appleton Roebuck 7.5 miles - June 2018 (report by John Nesbitt)

Maureen Dransfield's 7.5 mile circular walk - May 2018 (report by Maureen Dransfield)

Douglas's walk - 6.5 miles linear walk - April 2018 (report by Douglas Robinson)

Barbara & David's walk from East Keswick 7.5 miles - April 2018 (report by Barbara & David Campbell)

Pat & Jim's walk - March 2018 (report by Jim & Pat)

Liz & Kevin's walk. 6 miles - March 2018 (report by Liz Sibson)

Maureen & Peter's walk 8.5 miles - February 2018 (report by Maureen & Peter)

Judi & Ian's walk - 6.5 miles - February 2018 (report by Ian Morris)

Marian Peaker's walk - 6 miles - January 2018 (report by Marian Peaker)

Lynn Dickie's walk approx 6.5 miles - January 2018 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Maureen's walk - 6 miles - November 2017 (report by Maureen Dransfield)

Wendy & Bill's walk from Knaresborough 7 miles - November 2017 (report by Bill Payne)

Margaret & Tony's walk will be on 18.10.17 - October 2017 (report by Margaret Kell)

Maureen Hewitt's walk from Stanley Ferry Pub 4.10.17 - October 2017 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Pat & Jim's walk 7 miles - September 2017 (report by Jim Eldon)

Sue Hartley's walk 7.5 miles Saltaire through Shipley Glen and over Ilkley Moo - August 2017 (report by Sue Hartley)

Janet & Steve's walk - August 2017 (report by Janet Sissons)

DOUGLAS'S WALK: Approx 7 miles - July 2017 (report by Wendy Payne)

ELAINE'S WALK: Thursday 6 July 2017 - July 2017 (report by Elaine Chapman)

Diane & Martin's walk fixed for 23.6.17 - June 2017 (report by Diane Lee)

Mary Till & Anne Mack's walk - May 2017 (report by Anne Mack)

Lynn Dickies walk - April 2017 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Barbara & David Campbell's walk 6 miles - April 2017 (report by David Campbell)

Maureen Dransfield's walk - 8 miles - March 2017 (report by Maureen Dransfield)

Kevin & Liz Sibson's walk will be on 7.3.17 - March 2017 (report by Liz Sibson)

Margaret & Tony Kell's walk 6.8 miles - February 2017 (report by Tony Kell)

Marian Peaker's walk will be on 8/2/17 - February 2017 (report by Marian Peaker)

Pat & Jim's walk to Rosedale 8.75 miles - January 2017 (report by Jim Eldon)

Fairburn Ings 8 miles - Angela Kell - January 2017 (report by Angela Kell)

Programme Planning for the next year - December 2016 (report by Wendy Payne)

Swinsty reservoir - 7 miles - December 2016 (report by Jim Eldon)

Barkston Ash Wapentake Path 5.5 miles - November 2016 (report by Report On The Barkston Ash Wapentake Walk. 22 Nove)

Barmby Tidal barrage to Asselby and back 7 miles - November 2016 (report by Douglas Robinson)

Hovingham Park circular Lynn Dickie 8 miles - October 2016 (report by Hovingham Walk-8 Miles)

Fridaythorpe circular 6.5 mls Angela Lowe & June Sams walk - October 2016 (report by Angela Lowe)

Pat & Jim's Walk - Castleton in the Esk Valley, N Yorks, 8 miles - September 2016 (report by Jim & Pat)

Wendy & Bill's Walk - 8.5 mls Ripley to Hampsthwaite - Birstwith - Burnt Yates - August 2016 (report by Bill Payne - Ripley To Hampsthwaite - Birstwith - )

Barbara & David's Walk 7 1/2 miles - August 2016 (report by David Campbell)

Maureen Hewitt's Walk - Birkin- West Haddlesy - Gateforth circular 8 mls - July 2016 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Judi & Ian's Walk - July 2016 (report by Judi Morris With Massive Support From Peter Wood )

Diane & Martin's walk - June 2016 (report by Diane & Martin Lee)

Pat & Jim's walk - June 2016 (report by Pat & Jim)

Angela's & Maureen's Walk - May 2016 (report by Maureen Dransfield)

John Nesbit's Walk from Roche Abbey 7/8 miles - May 2016

Wendy & Bill's walk. - April 2016 (report by Wendy & Bill Payne)

Douglas Robinson's Walk - 7 miles - April 2016 (report by Report On The Walk Led By Douglas Robinson In The )

Thixendale circular in the Wolds. Kev & Liz Sibson - March 2016 (report by Liz Sibson)

Sue Hartley's Walk - 6 1/2 miles - March 2016 (report by Wendy Payne)

A six mile walk from Thorner towards Hetchell Woods - February 2016 (report by Marian Peaker)

Saxton & Towton Battlefield Walk - January 2016 (report by Angela Kell)

Pat & Jim's Walk - January 2016 (report by Jim Eldon & Pat Davis)

Alternative to Jim & Pat's walk to be led by Angela Kell - January 2016 (report by Bill Payne)

Christmas walk around Cawood - December 2015 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Yorkshire sculpture park -poppy exhibition - November 2015 (report by Angela Kell)

Tadcaster Circular - November 2015 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Grassington - October 2015 (report by Jim And Pat Eldon)

Wensley circular - October 2015 (report by Liz Sibson)

Change of leadership - October 2015 (report by Anne And Wendy)

Kirby Underdale - September 2015 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Swainby - September 2015 (report by Linda Sims)

Aysgarth Falls Circular - August 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Walking news - August 2015 (report by Walking News By Anne Mack)

Circular walk around Buckden - July 2015 (report by Eileen Mollard)

Stonegrave and the Rye - July 2015 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

walking news - July 2015

Circular walk around Sheriff Hutton - June 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Follifoot - June 2015 (report by Mary Till)

Temple Newsam - May 2015 (report by Judi Morris)

Burnsall - May 2015 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Knaresborough - April 2015 (report by Liz Goulton)

Grassington - April 2015 (report by Bill Payne)

Fairburn Ings - March 2015 (report by Eileen Mollard & Silvia Mileham)

Lastingham - March 2015 (report by Marian Peaker)

Allerthorpe Common - February 2015 (report by Ian & Judy Morris)

Riccall Round - February 2015 (report by Anne Mack)

Bolton Abbey - January 2015 (report by Jim Eldon)

Cawood - December 2014 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Hole Of Horcum - December 2014 (report by Liz Sibson)

Huby-Almscliffe-Huby - November 2014 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Oulton Methley - November 2014 (report by Dinah Dixon)

Kirkham Priory - October 2014 (report by Lynn Dickie)

Fountains Abbey - September 2014 (report by David Campbell)

Bubwith And Derwent Ings - September 2014 (report by Susie Newton)

Temple Newsam Picnic - August 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Saltaire To Ilkley - August 2014 (report by Mary Till)

Peak District - July 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Dalby Forest - June 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Brimham Rocks - June 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Rosedale - May 2014 (report by Bill Payne)

Washburn Valley - May 2014 (report by Mary Till)

Spofforth - April 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Linton Sicklinghall - April 2014 (report by Sue Hartley)

Little Ribston - March 2014 (report by Marian G Peaker)

Gateforth - March 2014 (report by Wendy Payne)

Aberford Barwick - February 2014 (report by Liz Sibson)

Market Weighton - January 2014 (report by Anne Mack)

Sherburn - January 2014 (report by Mary Till)

Saltaire - Tong Park Dam - December 2013 (report by Bruce Sanderson)

Hebden Bridge - December 2013 (report by Liz Sibson)

Nun Monkton - November 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Kirk Smeaton - November 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Castle Howard Arboretum - October 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Snaith - October 2013 (report by Judi Morris)

Harewood - September 2013 (report by David Campbell)

Durham - September 2013 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Temple Newsam Picnic - August 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Ilkley - August 2013 (report by Mary Till)

Otley - July 2013 (report by Marian Peaker)

Stillingfleet, Kelfield and Riccall - July 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Roche Abbey - June 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Stutton Towton Saxton - May 2013 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Snaith - April 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Farndale - April 2013 (report by Maggy Hunt)

Boston Spa - March 2013 (report by Liz Sibson)

Great And Little Preston - March 2013 (report by Judi Morris)

Skipwith Common - February 2013 (report by Mary Till)

Aberford - January 2013 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Spofforth and Kirkby Overblow - January 2013 (report by Anne Mack)

Sherburn - January 2013 (report by Ann Ellis)

Ledsham - December 2012 (report by Mary Till)

Ackworth - November 2012 (report by Maureen Hewitt)

Barwick Scholes Aberford - November 2012 (report by Liz Sibson)

Mary Till Presentation - November 2012 (report by Liz Sibson)

Paperhouses Circular - November 2012 (report by Susie Newton)

Newthorpe and Huddlestone Grange - October 2012 (report by Anne Mack)

Aberford to Hazelwood - October 2012 (report by Marian Peaker)

South Emsal - September 2012 (report by Sue Hartley)

Bolton Percy - September 2012 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Castleton - September 2012 (report by Liz Sibson)

Monk Fryston Circular - August 2012 (report by Liz Goulton)

Nostell Priory - August 2012 (report by Maggie Hindley)

Kirklees Way/summary - August 2012

Kirklees Way stage 009 - July 2012 (report by Liz Sibson)

Kirklees Way stage 008 - July 2012 (report by Anne Mack)

Kirklees Way stage 007 - July 2012 (report by Bruce Sanderson)

Kirklees Way stage 006 - June 2012 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Kirklees Way stage 005 - June 2012 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Kirklees Way stage 004 - June 2012 (report by Judi Morris)

Kirklees Way stage 003 - May 2012 (report by Brian Ransome)

Kirklees Way stage 002 - May 2012 (report by Sue Hartley)

Kirklees Way stage 001 - May 2012 (report by Mary Till)

Sutton Bank - April 2012 (report by Judi Morris)

Spofforth - April 2012 (report by Carol Marvin)

Farndale - April 2012 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Follifoot - March 2012 (report by Judi Morris)

Harewood - March 2012 (report by Tom Derivan)

Millington in the Wolds - March 2012 (report by Liz Sibson)

Womersley - February 2012 (report by Bruce Sanderson)

Stillingfleet - February 2012 (report by Mary Till)

Selby Horseshoe - January 2012 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Newthorpe - January 2012 (report by Anne Mack)

Hambleton to Scalm Park - January 2012 (report by Sue Hartley)

Roundhay - December 2011 (report by Margaret Shipstone)

Temple Newsam - December 2011 (report by Di Sewell)

Heelaugh - November 2011

Ledsham - November 2011 (report by Susan Ferguson)

Church Fenton - November 2011 (report by Lorna Pope)

East Keswick to Sicklinghall - October 2011 (report by Christine Holmes)

Crooked Billet to Hazlewood Castle - October 2011 (report by Jean Mooney)

North Yorkshire Moors - September 2011 (report by Mary Till)

Newmillerdam - September 2011 (report by Silvia Mileham)

Ackworth - September 2011 (report by Mary Till)

Knaresborough - August 2011 (report by Margaret Miles)

Milford Lodge Circular Plus to Micklefield Woods and Ledsham - August 2011 (report by Judi Morris)

Goathland - August 2011 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Woodlesford - July 2011 (report by Linda Sims)

Thorner - July 2011 (report by Marian G Peaker)

Swinsty and the Washburn Valley - June 2011 (report by Carol Marvin)

Aberford - June 2011 (report by Ken Hawlor)

Wolsey Walk around Cawood - May 2011 (report by Sue Hartley)

Tadcaster to Boston Spa - April 2011 (report by Anne Mack)

Barkston Ash - April 2011 (report by Tom Derivan)

Ledsham and Fairburn Ings - March 2011 (report by Di Sewell)

Church Fenton - March 2011 (report by Liz Sibson)

Aberford - February 2011 (report by Margaret Miles)

Roundhay Park - February 2011 (report by Maggy Hunt)

Wintersett Country Park - February 2011 (report by Anthea Marshall)

Thorpe Willoughby - January 2011 (report by June Sams)

Hambleton to Scalm Park - January 2011 (report by Mary Till)

York from the Designer Centre - November 2010 (report by Alex Svenson)

Wentbridge - November 2010 (report by Sue Sheard)

Barlow Common - October 2010 (report by Margaret Shipstone)

Harewood - October 2010 (report by Maggie Eaton)

Aberford - Becca Bank - September 2010 (report by Joan Henwood)

Bolton Percy - September 2010 (report by Anne Mack, Liz Sibson)

Thorner - August 2010 (report by June Mawson-Mole)

Heelaugh - August 2010 (report by Pamela Foster)

Spofforth - July 2010 (report by Jill Lord)

Sutton Bank – Lake Gormire - June 2010 (report by Lorna Pope)

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