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A Rare Sight for Website Users?

If you would like to learn how to make greater use of the options and useful facilities on our website:

Then this is the group for you.

You can be totally assured that it is very easy to do.

There are many ways in which you as a member, or as a group leader, can enhance your use and understanding of our website.

This group operates principally on a “Request" and "On Demand” basis from members and group leaders, to meet either in a small group, or maybe the whole set of group leaders for a particular group.

There are many ways in which you can enhance your group page information.

For instance an eye catching attractive group page and events details with good interesting graphics can be more successful in promoting responses, both from the group in general, and for group events.

This group can show you how to access many resources and free software to enable you to make full use of the website.

Just tick the “Website Users Group” box in the “Notification Options” on your “Profile Settings” page.

To ask a question or to arrange for some personal tuition email

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