Report on Holidays and Travel Group Visit - Paris in the Springtime, Sunday, 11 May 2014

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Featured ImageWhat could beat Paris in the Springtime? A whole coachload of our U3A members took a trip via the channel tunnel to Paris in April this year. For some of us it was a first visit, which made it all the more enjoyable for everybody. The journey was enlivened by a trip to Arras to view the memorial and a stop for dinner in the early evening. By the time we arrived at our hotel on the outskirts of Paris, it was time for bed.

We had three full days to spend in the city, using our coach to transport us around the sights. Firstly we chose to visit the Eiffel Tower and ascend to the second stage, to get our first wonderful view of Paris stretched out below us. We took a Bateaux Mouche ride down the Seine, slipping between warm sunlight and a dramatically dark skied thunderstorm with pelting rain obliterating our view. We admired the Rose window in Notre Dame and swooned at the glorious colours of stained glass in Saint Chapelle. We trod the cobbled stones along the side of the Seine to view the ‘golden’ bridge, covered in padlocks to mark love’s dreams.

Sacre Coeur charmed us with it’s beauty, white against a suddenly blue sky and providing a platform to once again view the Paris skyline. Montmartre seduced us with its arty quirkiness and a group of us sat at a pavement cafe, sipping brandy and watching the world go by. We had an evening tour which allowed us to take some wonderful photographs of iconic buildings in the sunset.

On our last full day we were free to ‘do our own thing’, which for some meant a visit to Versailles and for others a visit to various museums and art galleries. By this time, we were even brave enough to travel independently on the metro. Finally, our journey home was enlivened by a visit to Cite D’Europe, where much wine, cheese etc was purchased to take home.
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