Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 18 September 2015

Firstly may I apologies for the delay in presenting this report but shortly after our meeting my computer broke down and had to go into the shop for a week for repairs so I lost my email access. Thankfully, though, all is well again now at minimal cost.

Most of the members present at our last meeting were not there when I delivered a presentation entitled ‘The Concept of Intelligence in Psychology and Beyond’, to the previous group in October of 2013 and I didn’t then have access to the U3A laptop and widescreen TV that I have today. Furthermore on that occasion I hadn’t seen or managed to record a fascinating anthology of BBC Horizon programmes covering almost 40 years of broadcasting that showed in person some of the psychologists whose work we were interested in discussing and defending their ideas and assertions including the positions they took on some particularly bitter controversies within the field. The programme was called, ‘What makes us clever? – an Horizon Guide’. As I now had a recording of the programme and some fellow members weren’t aware of our earlier work this seemed like a good opportunity to revisit the topic.

After a brief introduction all seemed well for us to enjoy the full video presentation when I, feeling rather pleased with myself up to this point, discovered that I had left the power cable for the laptop at home and would have to proceed trusting in the life of the battery on this rather old machine to see us through. Needless to say about 30 minutes into the video the battery ran out but we then engaged in a most lively and I thought really interesting discussion of the points raised in it. These included the origins of symbolic thought, the defining of intelligence, the validity of I.Q. and the tests which claim to measure it, issues of eugenics and fraud and we’ve still only seen half of the programme.

By the time we closed we had agreed to continue with this topic at our next meeting and watch the rest of the programme after I had promised faithfully to bring all the necessary equipment. That meeting will take place between 2 and 4 pm on Friday 16th October, at The Owl Hotel in Hambleton.

John Moore – Group Leader.
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