Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 15 January 2016

We met at our usual time and venue with Wendy taking the Chair. Apologies were received from Ron and Judith Maunder, Barrie Slinger and Sue Niven.

Wendy read the report of the meeting on the 18/12/15, and it was then clear that all but one of us had not seen the short but fascinating video clip called, “My Autism and Me”, that was shown in our December meeting so it was decided to include it as the starting point for our days business.

After watching the video clip there followed a very interesting to which everyone contributed. We then listened to a number of press articles which were relevant to psychological issues of interest to us. One article written by the well-known academic, writer and broadcaster Prof Steve Jones was of particular interest to work our group has done on the heritability of intelligence and its relevance to government educational policy. Another article we read looked at the phenomenon of lucid dreams and generated so much interest that we all agreed to make dreaming and the role of sleep in mental health topics for discussion in a future meeting perhaps in April. Unfortunately we then ran out of time and weren’t able to do a recap on past topics so this will have to remain an item for a future meeting.

Our meeting closed at 4 pm and everyone seemed to agree that whatever we lacked in numbers was more than made up for in interest and good humour. Our next meeting has been booked for 2 to 4 pm at The Owl on the 19/2/16 and our main topic will be, “Artificial Intelligence: or would you look forward to being the human pet of a super intelligent super computer?”.
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