Report on Flower Arranging Group Meeting - Open Day Askham Bryan, Wednesday, 3 August 2016

It all started on Tuesday when Margaret, Karen and myself met at Susan Ferguson's garden to pick foliage and flowers. We had no plan then but as we talked a little and then explored the gardens everything fell into place. We decided to do 3 arrangements (all different). We had said we would be doing 2 workshops on the day making buttonholes and Susan said she would collect everything for them. We arrived at 8.20am and set up stall. Margaret, Karen and I did a flower arrangement each. The opening ceremony was at 10.00am which gave us just enough time for a well earned coffee. Back in the mareque we didn't have time to turn round before our first buttonholers arrived and this continued throughout the day, so much for 2 workshops. Everyone wanted a buttonhole and it was such a delight to see so many people wearing them. We had to keep cutting large headed flowers down and refilling the jam jars for people to make their selection. What a fantastic day we had. Even after the closing ceremony we still had late comers wanting to make a buttonhole. It was an outstanding success and my thanks go to Margaret, Karen and Susan for their help and enthusiasm. Comments received were all overflowing with thanks also.'

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