Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Meeting, Sunday, 5 February 2017

Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller was the book under discussion at The Page Turners meeting on the 5th February.

In a review of Claire Fuller’s second book the reviewer noted that Claire Fuller “ is a purveyor of grown up fairy tales … (her) …” stories are thrilling, transporting, delicately realised and held together by a sophisticated sense of suspense” …

An overall score of nearly 8 from the group members hides the range of feelings about the book (from 10 to 5). Some found the story gripping and they could happily lose themselves for several chapters. Others, were perhaps more circumspect.

Spanning the 1970s and 1980s, the story builds out of a prevalent fear of The Cold War and the Nuclear Bomb. One of the main characters plans to withstand an attack by stockpiling food, preparing a shelter and living off the land. All this planning takes a sinister turn however, when a father and daughter take off together on an on the road adventure with a chilling twist.

As with many books the plot lent itself to an investigation of the underlying themes. In this case; possible mental health disorders, bohemian/different lifestyle choices that isolate those choosing to live them from the mainstream and thus away from social conventions and the effects that malnutrition/poor hygiene can have on the human body and mind.

There were some astonishing images in the book; the hand built wooden piano with soundless keys that preoccupied so much time of the two main characters, the literal writing on the walls of the cabin, and the navigation through the landscape using “pin sharp” descriptions of individual trees, rocks and depressions in the forest floor.

A thought provoking, but not, improbable read. One that confronts expected behaviour and adds to the many questions about life and how to live it.

A tale which it is thought started the author on her slow burn move to success.

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