Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Next meeting , Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Page Turners met on the 2nd November to discuss The Seafront Tearooms by Vanessa Greene. This book is chick-lit, focusing on the lives and loves of the three main characters. Don’t expect the book to be too frothy though. The book is well written and the story moves along at a pace that keeps the pages turning. It is easy reading, and having accepted the strong positives of this, some of the group did find the lack of depth not to their taste. The theme and the writing are ideal for escapist reading without the hassle of having to struggle with complicated plot lines or discordant timelines. A holiday read or a rainy Sunday afternoon. It has its place.
The tearoom that leads the search for the other tearooms is located in Scarborough, though there is little other geographical reference to the town. One of the themes is the main characters travel around the area trying out and then reviewing other tearooms. We all thought this could be a very pleasurable way to spend our time.
Our average score for the book was a less than tasty 6.
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