Report on Book Group Meeting - Meeting, Monday, 8 January 2018

Our group met last night to discuss "Coffin Road" by Peter May. The majority of us had really enjoyed the book, couldn't put it down once we had started it and had been kept guessing about the outcome of the plot practically to the end of the novel. As is usual with Peter May's novels, he describes the landscape in great detail (which some members found boring and tedious whilst others enjoyed the picture he was able to paint in your mind of a windswept, bleak and beautiful area)and we found the characters in the plot believable. Having read "The Lewis Man" last April, some members of the group found this plot a bit "lightweight" in comparison. Marks for the book ranged between 4 and 9 giving an average of 7.4 which is slightly less than the mark we gave "The Lewis Man" which scored 7.5

We shall meet next month to discuss "Birdcage Walk" by Helen Dunmore.
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