Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Meeting, Thursday, 1 March 2018

I found the book difficult to get into at first, although very descriptive at times I wasn't sure where it was going.
A lot of violence and abuse of both adults and children. Portraying a very hard, difficult life after making the long journey to the Black Swamp for hopefully a new life. The apple trees were almost sacred to the Father and the Mother took to drink to dull her sense of loss, both of her children and her previous life.
Once the main character Robert became the focus, I found the book a page turner.
Robert grew to be an incredible person although he lived a somewhat lonely life, running away from relationships. Collecting seeds and seedlings of wonderful trees, sleeping under the stars and travelling on his trusty horse named gray.
Robert wrote letters every New Year's Day to his family whom he had left in the Black Swamp. Eventually his sister Martha, the only one of his family left tracked him down, travelling across most of America to find him. She had been 'raped' by her brother Caled and was pregnant with his child, giving birth to a son, but sadly dying after the birth from severe haemorrhage.
There were lots of colourful characters who came in and out of Roberts life, non-more so than Molly, who eventually gave birth his daughter, also caring for Martha's son.
Eventually Robert, Molly and the children travel to Wales to bring seedlings of the redwoods and sequoia, and apple trees.
A good read, definitely 7/10
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