Report on Book Group Meeting - Meeting, Monday, 12 March 2018

The group met on Monday 12th March to discuss Peter Robinson's novel "Sleeping in the Ground". This is the latest novel about DCI Alan Banks and the local police force set in a fictional Yorkshire Dales town. We were undecided as to whether the book was a good "stand-alone" novel or whether it should be read as part of the series of novels about Banks for a better understanding of the other characters who appear in this novel as well as the preceding stories. Members who had read previous DCI Banks novels found this one disappointing, sometimes boring, not as good as preceding novels and perhaps more suitable for a television plot than a book. Some members of the group found the frequent references to Banks' taste in music superfluous and boring, others thought that they added another facet to his character. We all agreed that Peter Robinson highlighted the inadequate treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by many of our armed forces in a compelling and uncomfortable way. The average points out of ten for this novel were 7.
We shall meet next month to discuss "He Said, She Said" a psychological thriller by Erin Kelly.
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