Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Meeting, Thursday, 5 April 2018

Report on Page Turners on 5th April 2018
The Trouble with Goats and
Sheep was such an intriguing
title, which soon pulled you in
along with the memories of the
hot summer of 1970 and
growing up in the 1970s with
Babycham, Jackie magazine,
The Good Life, and Angel Delight. Two young detectives uncover the secrets behind the suburban cul-de-sac and in the process they learn a lot about people and life.
There is lots of thought provoking material about religion and
human nature and it is all delivered in a very witty style -
couple of quotes to give you a flavour
“She was around Dorothy’s age when she first started to lose her mind, although Dorothy always thought losing your mind was a such a strange phrase. As if your mind could be misplaced, like a set of house keys, or a Jack Russell terrier...”
“The estate had always been this way. A parade of people, joined together by tedium and curiosity, passing other people’s misery around between themselves like a parcel.”
For those of us who like to understand where the title comes from it rests on Gospel of St Matthew, who taught that God had divided his flock into sheep, who were kind and served Him well, and goats, who lacked compassion and faith. But as Grace says “‘I think that’s the trouble,’ I said, ‘it’s not always that easy to tell the difference.’” Our group were a little divided on their verdict on the book. Some felt that that the narrative was too disjointed with all the various neighbours who were hard to distinguish. Others thoroughly enjoyed the interweaving of the various residents’ lives. We were all perplexed by the lack
Our average score was 7.5.
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