Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting at Squires Cafe, Friday, 18 May 2018


1]   We met at Squire’s Café Bar in Newthorpe for the first and were favourably impressed by the welcome we received and the facilities that were available.  There were plenty of parking spaces for cars adjacent to the building and as it was a warm, sunny afternoon most of the clientele on a not too busy day were sat taking their meals and drinks outside.  Inside it was very quiet and we were led to the rear of the café which was deserted apart from ourselves and were able to set up our equipment much as we use to do at The Owl Hotel before they decided to upgrade themselves.  The seating was comfortable and the price of refreshments reasonable.  A free wi-fi connection was available for our use.

2]   They do have a function room which is available given prior notice and may be useful to other groups.  If the weather is ever bad and the café busy then that room might be available to us.

Attendance:   Unfortunately our meeting clashed with other activities that some of our regular attenders felt had to take priority so when I say “we” I’m actually referring to Dennis and myself.  We were neither disheartened nor deterred, however, and decided not to cancel but to defer what would have been the topic of this meeting until next time.  Instead we looked at some very interesting material that Dennis had found on You Tube.


1]   Firstly we discussed Darwin’s 19th century theory of evolution as an example of a grand theory which, in the life sciences, remains relevant to this day.

2]   For the rest of the time available we watched most of a fascinating video by the American psychologist Jordan B. Peterson entitled “12 Rules for Life”.  This can be found and watched or downloaded from You Tube using the following URL:

Closure and next meeting:

As regards the venue we were quite happy with the facilities and general atmosphere and decided to recommend meeting there again on the 15th June.  For that meeting we will continue with the material which was intended for the May gathering which involves concluding our look at learning and moving on to look at psychological approaches to the study of memory.

I look forward to seeing everyone again then.

John Moore – Group Leader.

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