Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting at Squire’s Café in Newthorpe, Friday, 15 June 2018

Venue: We met again at Squire’s Café which was very quiet and presented no problems. As some of us had had no lunch it was very useful to be able to buy a small warm lunch which we were able to eat whilst having relevant conversations before beginning the meeting proper.

Attendance: Unfortunately our meeting once again clashed with the need for some of our regular members to be in other parts of Europe so our numbers were small but made up for it in enthusiasm and there was no appetite for cancelling.


1] It had been the intention to continue with our work on learning and memory but we do not operate by any syllabus as such in order to prepare for a formal exam so we decided to leave that in abeyance for next time and look instead at some relevant and interesting articles I’d found over recent months in the BBC Science Focus magazine.

2] Stress:

a] The first article we looked at entitled, “How to stress-proof your brain”, created so much interest and discussion that the topic occupied most of the rest of the meeting. The stress we usually refer to I would describe as the usually long-term sense of anxiety that’s derived from a sense of being unable to escape or eliminate by confrontation those factors that one finds difficult to tolerate. This state should not be taken lightly as it has been labelled by the World Health Organisation as, “… the health epidemic of the 21st century”.

b] We discussed whether some are more prone to respond with anxiety as personality tests suggest and were able to give examples from our multiplicity of working lifetimes. This is one feature common to many discussions in the U3A not surprisingly perhaps.

c] We then discussed a list of 10 ways were recommended to beat stress which took up the rest of our meeting and then some as we realised that it was 4.20pm no less!

Next meeting: We then closed the meeting after agreeing to meet once again at Squire’s Café on the 20th July, 2018.

John Moore – Group Leader
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