Report on Book Group Meeting - Meeting, Monday, 13 August 2018

We met on Monday to discuss "Transit" by Rachel Cusk; the novel is the second (stand-alone)novel in a trilogy written by this author.
Quite a few members could not be bothered to finish this novel and one member had three attempts before she managed to finish it. There did not seem to be a plot/theme or beginning and end to this novel and most of us had absolutely no empathy with any of the characters who were all described in a series of unrelated vignettes by Faye who was the main protagonist. We all agreed with an Amazon reviewer who wrote "What is this literary style that pleases respected critics but leaves us mortals totally baffled"!
Our scores ranged between zero and 5 with an average of 2.
We shall meet next month to discuss "The Sapphire Widow" by Dinah Jefferies which is a Richard & Judy Book Club choice for 2018.
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