Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 17 August 2018

Venue: We met at Squire’s Café Bar in Newthorpe. To begin with we had no problems but later in the meeting the background music became quite loud as customers came in from the rain and members found it difficult to concentrate on our discussion. A quieter function room is available and when we enquired were told that this could be made available to us if we wished to meet there. We felt that it would be wise to take up this offer for our September meeting.

Attendance: 4 members were present and apologies were received from Dennis.

Matters discussed:

1] Observational learning:

a] We completed our study of learning theories by looking at this theory which grew out of dissatisfaction with Behaviourism and its insistence that all human learning and behaviour was a product of reward or punishment contingencies. This theory claims that we observe many messages from and behaviours within our environment and as a consequence of our internal thoughts decide which behaviours we should adopt.
b] In this process of learning we need to decide to: pay attention to a mentor; remember and understand in detail what we have seen and heard; develop and practice the motor and intellectual skills we have observed; and be motivated to adopt and further develop what we have learned. The video example which we watched involved the training of ballet dancers but this concept of learning could equally be applied to such professionals as junior doctors in advanced medical training.

2] Memory topic:

a] I propose to make the study of memory our next major topic partly because this is the next item in the material given to us by the Wetherby collective of 3 psychology groups but also in part because it seems to be a topic of interest to many members, including myself, who seem to feel that their memories are not quite what they were. The elements of the topic I propose to look at include: defining memory, the retrieval of memories, the process of forgetting, asking why we forget and looking at tips for improving our memories.
b] We began by looking at the extensive notes provided by Wetherby on the subject including definitions of memory and a description of the 3 stage model commonly used in psychology which consists of sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory.
Though the notes we’ve been provided with are very thorough it seemed to me that expecting members to read through them on the screen was rather tedious and it might be better for the presenter to prepare a digest if possible beforehand which members can then discuss. I would appreciate receiving the opinion of members on this at the next meeting.
c] We had a number of interesting video clips to watch on this subject but as ever time caught up with us and we had to save watching and discussing them until next time.

Next meeting: Our next meeting will take place on the 21st September, from 2 to 4 pm at Squire’s Café Bar in Newthorpe. I look forward to seeing everyone again then.

John Moore – Group leader 18-8-18
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