Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 19 October 2018

Venue: We met once again at Squire’s Café and as the dining area was a little noisy we chose to meet downstairs in the function room. Though this area is quiet we again found it to be rather chilly. It seems that the goal of finding an ideal venue still eludes us.

Matters discussed:
Our topic for this meeting was infancy and child development although some psychologists argue strongly that development is a lifelong process.

1] Definitions: We began by trying to define development and establish its importance in abroad context. Our early physical and intellectual developmental progression takes up a far larger proportion of our average lifespan than is the case in any other species. It is also a key factor in defining our place at the apex of the natural world along with the linguistic abilities that enable us to socially transmit culture.

2] Psychology is not alone in studying this field many other disciplines regard it as important and we looked at some of these. We also looked at some of the main issues of interest to developmental psychologists such as: the relative influence of genetics and the environment, the rate at which developmental changes occur and the relative importance of early and later experiences.

3] We then looked at the three main schools of thought in this field namely: psychoanalytic, learning and cognitive theories.

4] Our video presentation prompted much follow up discussion although it concentrated mainly on the work of Piaget but we will discuss other approaches in greater depth next time. The video mentioned factors such as temperament and personality, attachment and the need for security.


We still had much to discuss and several shorter videos to watch so we will have to continue with this topic at our next meeting in order to do it justice.

Change of venue for our next meeting

Squire’s Café has been acceptable as a venue but is not ideal and I’ve been considering other options but all had their downsides. On principal I prefer not to rent venues as this can prove expensive for those who attend a small group such as ours and I do not wish to impose on members by expecting them to offer their homes as venues when I’m unable to do that myself.

However, I’m delighted to say that our deputy-leader Dennis is recovering remarkably well from serious accident and that he and Sandra, who were aware of these issues, have very kindly offered their home as a venue for both the psychology and computing groups. For this I and I’m sure the rest of the group are most grateful. This usage will of course depend on the availability of their home as Dennis still has to attend hospital several times per week as part of his continuing rehabilitation. If their home were not to be available then we could always revert temporarily to using Squire’s Café again

Our next meeting will, therefore, take place on the 16th November, at Dennis’s home. If you wish to know the address could you please email me separately so I can give you directions and thereby protect the Kirby’s privacy.

John Moore – Group Leader.
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