Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Meeting, Thursday, 1 November 2018

I felt that the opening myth of The Div sacrificing a child permeated throughout the whole story strongly. Giving up what you love in order for them to have a better life draws in many emotional conflicts and questions and, I felt, KH used this motif in a cleverly-crafted piece of writing. I liked the structure of the narrative enjoying the way that it ‘peeled’ away through layers as it developed. It reminded me of an orange = lots of distinct segments that gather together to make a whole. I thought the movement within the story was fast-paced as events moved quickly between countries touching on trauma, separation and legacy. It presented a complex and powerful picture questioning and challenging what we think of as identity. I enjoyed the way the storyline was weaving backwards and forwards in time and place. I also liked the way that ‘traditional’ characters such as the wicked Stepmother and Master/Servant characters were incorporated making them real and individual.

I found this a quick and compelling read and am looking forward to the next publication by this author.

To reflect all members scores - an average of 7. Though two members thought the book worthy of a 9
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