Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 15 February 2019

Venue: Dennis Kirby’s home in Sherburn. Members present: 3

Apologies: Wendy Harvey Report of the last meeting: Taken as read.

Matters discussed:

1] The topic for this meeting was to have been the definition of what psychologists refer to as an individual’s personality and the various theories of how this develops and affects our thinking and behaviour. There were, however, just 3 of us present so we left that topic to be covered at our next meeting.

2] Instead we discussed whatever matters in the field of psychology currently aroused our interests. We also discussed, at some length, what I consider to be the fundamentally important relationship between scientific psychology and philosophy. This was of significance to the three of us as we all attended the inaugural meeting of the U3A Philosophy Group this week.

3] As ever with this group I found that for whatever reason we lacked in numbers this was far more than made up for by both interesting and challenging discussion supported by lifetimes of experience. We all just hoped that there would be more members with us next time to share this experience.

AOB None.

Next meeting: Our next meeting will take place on Friday the 15th March, from 2 to 4 pm at Dennis Kirby’s home. If you require directions would you please email your request to me directly at:


John Moore – Group Leader
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