Report on Book Group Meeting - Meeting, Monday, 8 April 2019

This week we met to discuss "Transcription" by Kate Atkinson. According to a review in The Times newspaper, Atkinson has been praised as a novelist who "bridges the gap between commercial and literary fiction". The author of the review, Claire Lowdon writes that "Transcription" might well please neither camp. The novel's protagonist is Juliet, who works during the 1940s for MI5 and in the 1950s for the BBC making educational programmes for children. Some members of the group really enjoyed the novel and empathised with the characters, others thought that the plot, if there ever was one, was flimsy and unconvincing. Some of us were looking forward to reading the book because we had enjoyed previous novels by Kate Atkinson but judging by the scores awarded many of us were disappointed. None of us had anticipated the final twist in the plot at the end of the novel and we all agreed that the work of MI5 is not all like the James Bond films and is often boringly mundane.
Scores ranged between 3 and 8 out of 10 with an average score of 5.
We shall meet next month to discuss "The Dry" by Jane Harper.
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