Report on The Page Turners Meeting - Meeting, Thursday, 2 May 2019

Gustavo Sonata by Rose Tremain


This book is the tale of the Swiss boy Gustav.He has a lonely childhood trying to please his widowed mother, who does not appear to love him.They are poor and his mother is openly antisemitic,  who does approve of her son’s special friendship with a rich Jewish boy,Anton,from an early age.The two main themes of the book are Gustav friendship with Anton, which has many ups and downs and Gustav own family history and how his parents lives were affected by living in neutral Switzerland in World War 11 ( we find out the cause of his mother’s behaviour from this period) The Group found it an easy read ,often sad showing how our upbringing can influence our personality. Gustav seemed resigned to his role in other people’s lives and it seemed depressing his acceptance of this despite the many complexities of his relationships. It also brought home the moral dilemma of being a neutral country in times of war.

Overall the Group gave it a score of 7.5
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