Report on Serendipity Group Meeting - The Wheatsheaf Steak Night, Thursday, 25 July 2019

We had heard some very good reports about
Steak Night at The Wheatsheaf


Steak Night

10 members were looking forward to going

There were some good things:


Two glaringly obvious items are missing from the good list!

The wine, red, white and rose was ‘British’

Reading the bottles we soon discovered that these wines are made from concentrated materials and a low 10% strength.

Personal opinions on the taste varied, however more than one person mentioned Ribena and very sweet about the red one

Some of us asked for our steaks to be cooked medium-rare and the rest medium.

All of the steaks eventually arrived, disappointingly, really well overcooked

Would we go back?

I think that you probably know the answer to that question.

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