Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 20 September 2019

Venue:   Between 2 and 4 pm at Dennis’s home in Sherburn.   Chair:  John

Members present:   Dennis and John [but most worthwhile nonetheless!]

Apologies:   Wendy

Report of the last meeting:   That meeting was cancelled as John was in hospital recovering from successful spinal surgery.  A report of the previous meeting is on our website and a printout version is available. 

Matters discussed:  

1] Our thanks went once again to Dennis for providing us with a venue and refreshments.

2]   I think I should inform members that I saw a surgeon this week and have been put on the waiting list for a total left shoulder replacement.  I only say this because I’ve agreed to be put on the 24hr short notice list as I’m available at any time to be called in if there is a sudden cancellation on the waiting list.  My apologies in advance if that should happen and cause any inconvenience.  

3]   Wendy had been in touch since the last meeting and by doing some research has found a psychology course in 6 short parts that may interest members.  The URLs to each section are given below:

4]   We then looked a couple of short articles, one from BBC Science Focus on controlling verbal interactions and one from New Scientist magazines on the resistance of some brains to dementia.  Both were of interest and prompted much discussion.

Unfortunately we had by then run out of time and will have to leave the discussion on the relationship between intelligence, rationality and cognitive biases until next time.  An interesting video on “How to spot a liar.” will also have to wait until then.

Next meeting:   The next meeting will be on the 18th October, 2019 and will take place as usual from 2 to 4 pm at Dennis’s home in Sherburn.

Close:   The meeting closed at 4.45pm.

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