Report on Design and Manage a Website Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 25 October 2019

The stages we followed were:

1. Download Raspbian Buster Lite

This is for a headless version of the OS without a GUI

2. Format  your microSD card (FAT32) with SD Card Formatter (this worked with cards up to 64Gb but not 128Gb)

3. Copy the downloaded raspbian file to the SD card using  balenaEtcher  

4. On your Windows machine - do NOT  format your new SD card when prompted but create an empty file in the root folder of 'boot' called ssh (no file extension). This will allow you to access your Raspberry Pi from another computer.

5. Insert SD card into the Pi and connect to the network using an ethernet cable and power up.

6. Access your home's router to find the IP address of the Pi.

7. On your Windows PC dowload and run Putty 

9. When you run Putty you should enter the IP address of the Pi in the Host Name field  and 22 in the Port and click Open - this will allow you to login to the PI with username pi and password raspberry

10. Follow this tutorial to install the web server.

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