Report on Book Group Meeting - Meeting, Monday, 11 November 2019

The Book Group met on Monday evening to dicuss "Three Things About Elsie" by Joanna Cannon.  Some menbers loved the book and others were less enthralled.  It's quite difficult to write a précis about this novel without revealing the plot which steadily untangles like a ball of wool.  The story is mainly told by Florence, who is lying on the floor following a fall at her retirement flat, patiently waiting to be discovered and taken to hospital.  There are various updates throughout the book stating the time and so the reader knows how long Florence has been on the floor.

Florence is suffering from dementia and for some members of the group the references to dementia, and how it affected Florence's perception of what was happening in her life, either seemed contrived or uncomfortably close to the truth.  Most members felt that the characters were described very well and were believable.  Some of us were somewhat confused by the twists and turns in the plot - perhaps a ploy by the author to illustrate the vagaries which unravel in an elderly person's mind as dementia robs them of their memories and reasoning.

Scores ranged between 4 and 10 and averaged out at 7½.

We shall meet next month to discuss "Lie With Me" by Sabine Durrant.

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