Report on Psychology Group Meeting - Meeting, Friday, 17 January 2020

Venue:   Dennis’s home in Sherburn or the OGS in Sherburn.        Chair:   John 

Members present:   4

Apologies:   Wendy 

Report of the last meeting:   This was posted on the U3A website and taken as read?

Matters discussed:

1]   Our thanks as ever to Dennis and Sandra for providing us with a venue and refreshments.


     A]   In case anyone had not heard I conveyed to the meeting the very sad news of the death of Audrey Roberts on the 14th January after suffering from ovarian cancer for many months.  Audrey was an active member of the original U3A psychology who often provided us with a venue at her home on Moor Lane she will be much missed by all who knew her and her warm generous nature.

     B]   Yesterday I received the following the following email regarding the date and time of Audrey’s funeral and have been asked to pass on its contents to you:

“Dear John,

One of our members has received the email below from Audrey's son, Gordon. The family would like to meet Audrey's friends and hope that you will be able to attend her funeral and wake.

Please can you pass this information on to any of your members who knew Audrey?

The address for any cards is as follows

Little Maes y Crochan

Druidstone Rd

Old St Mellons



Mam's funeral will be held at the Sherburn All Saints Church at the top of the hill on Friday, the 21st of February at 3 pm with the wake being held at the White Rose football/sports club in Sherburn afterwards.

I would be grateful if you could let as many people know as possible. The family would enjoy seeing Mam's friends at the funeral and meeting them all after

Best wishes


     C]   I knew Audrey as a valued and respected friend who did as much as she could to support the psychology group at that time.   and wish to attend her funeral.  Unfortunately this means that I must cancel our next psychology group meeting as it was due to take place at that time and on that date.    

3]   We then moved on to the matter of group equipment and I explained the reasons for scrapping the U3A Toshiba laptop and the fact that we will have to provide a laptop from amongst ourselves at future meetings.

4]   The matter of an alternative venue for if necessary for a future meeting seems now to have been resolved.  We had all attended the first meeting of the philosophy group at the OGS in Sherburn and agreed that it was very satisfactory as a venue.  They provided refreshments at £2.50 per head which seemed like all in all value for money.      

5]   Our topic was to continue with the subject of emotions but it was so long since our last meeting that we did a quick revision of what we’d covered so far then discussed the subject for the rest of the meeting.  We agreed with many psychologists who believe that a small number of emotional states can explain much behaviour and accepted the chart of at least 48 states that have been proposed.  Two, however, that I felt to be missing were grief and loss.     

Close:   By then we had run out of time and the meeting closed at about 4.15pm

Next meeting:   This will take place on the 21st February, between 2 and 4pm at Dennis’s home in Sherburn.  Our topic for that meeting will be, “Motivation”.  

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