Report on Book Group 5 session - Third session, Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Four of us met at Penny's house to discuss The Chalk Pit by Ellie Griffiths.

This book is set in Norfolk and the setting provides a key part of the story which centres round the many underground tunnels in the chalk under the city, some fact, some fiction. The death of two rough sleepers and the disapearance of  others all seem to have a connection to the network of tunnels

The key characters are Dr Ruth Galloway, an archaeologist, and DCI Harry Nelson. Other characters include other police and their partners, people working with the rough sleepers and the rough sleepers themselves.

The book provided a thought provoking insight into the lives and difficulties of the rough sleepers.

Our thoughts about the book were that it is well written and an easy read. Everyone had finished the book. We would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this kind of book though no one was drawn to seek out more Ruth Galloway books from the series on the strength of this one. We all agreed the content re homeless people was thought provoking and we found all the characters believable.

Over all we would give it a score of 3 out of 5.

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