Report on Book Group Meeting - Book Group, Monday, 11 May 2020

"Blood Orange" by Harriet Tyce joins "Elmet" by Fiona Mozley and "Transit" by Rachel Cusk as one of our lowest scoring books since the group was formed in 2011.  The novel gets an average 4½ stars on Amazon and is listed as a Richard & Judy best-seller.  As a group, we try to read new, modern authors instead of sticking to the classics but in our opinion this one fails miserably.

The 'kindest' comment about this novel was that "it wasn't bad and was a fast-moving, badly written plot about sex and alcohol".  Other comments included "it is the worst book I have ever read", " I can imagine the author having a brain-storming session to determine how many nasty, deviant, bloodthirsty, disgusting elements she could possibly weave into a rather weak plot" and "Unpleasant, selfish protagonists living miserable sordid lives".

Our scores ranged from 5 down to nought and averaged out at 2.

This month our novel is "The Offing" by Benjamin Myers.  We would have been meeting on 8th June but that is unlikely so please can I have your comments and scores by then and I will collate them and circulate them round the group.

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